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  • Nigerians may not pay for Calls and SMS by 2019 - Spectranet Boss.

Number of Active Telephone Lines Nigeria hits 222.70 million

October 07,2016

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), on Thursday revealed that number of mobile telephone lines in Nigeria numbered 222, 695, 990 at the end of August. The commission stated this in the August edition of its monthly “Subscriber Data’’ publication.

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Google Announces the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, which are expected to be major threat to the Apple’s iPhone.

October 05,2016

After an absolute deluge of pre-event leaks and revelations, Google's new Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones are now finally official.

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With Holycab, Enugu Grows into a Completely New World of Taxi Business

October 02,2016

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Is Windows 10 a Malware?

June 08,2016

Malware is software that is specifically designed to gain access or damage a computer without the knowledge of the owner

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A new strain of malware targets Android devices

May 10,2016

A new strain of malware is targeting Android devices via infected apps at the Google Play app store, says security firm Check Point.

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Facebook in a Court Case over Biometric Face Scan

May 06,2016

Three years ago, Facebook announced they would increase their facial recognition photo database (FRPD) by more than 1 billion profile photos, this move is now attracting legal concern...

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Research shows 'retweeting' can interfere with learning and memory

April 29,2016

Over sharing of other people"s thought leads to the reduction in mental effort which consequently interferes with subsequent tasks...

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Phablet , Smartphone, a Tablet – which one to choose ?

April 22,2016

It is clear that deciding between a tablet and a smartphone essentially comes down to personal preference, but there are certainly reasons to go either way....

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Google and Facebook on the race for wireless internet to the home

April 16,2016

Experts believe that the ability to create a wireless home Internet service could change the whole Internet sector, allowing broadband companies to better address the “last mile” issue they face....

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Next in the evolution of sports is a drone race, live-streamed on ESPN

April 15,2016

From security to mechanized Agriculture and now sports, remotely-controlled drones are becoming parts of our lives. ...

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News Flash: B/Haram Insurgency

news flash::2016-06-25 Troops & CJTF cleared Zangebe, Maiwa, Algaiti and Mainari villages killing 6 Boko Haram terrorists, wounded several, & liberated over 5,000 persons

news flash::2016-06-23 Troops cleared Terrorists suspected hideouts in Kursori, Bashirari, Malatari, Goneri, Kajimari, Lawan Kolori and Yale villages within Konduga LGA

news flash::2016-06-22 69 family members of Boko Haram terrorists escaping from Sambisa intercepted

news flash::2016-06-22 Troops Clear Boko Haram Terrorists Hideouts at Matari & Kaidiri killing 2

news flash::2016-06-16 Troops Carry Out Clearing Operations in Kircha Dungus, Mulfuta, Baibawa, Jenere, Bembem, Maksamari, Bula Kafie and Bula Bodi. Killed 6 Terrorist rescued many women

news flash::2016-06-14 Troops Rescue 53 More Persons Kill 2 Terrorists and Arrest One in Madube

news flash::2016-06-13 Boko Haram terrorists on 6 motorcycles attacked Kutuva village, killed 4 persons and abducted 4 women

news flash::2016-06-13 Troops repelled an attack on their location by suspected Boko Haram terrorists at Pulka

news flash::2016-06-10 Troops Clear Boko Haram Camps at Yajiwa

news flash::2016-06-10 Boko Haram terrorists elements earlier dislodged at Chukungudu and Hausari villages

news flash::2016-06-10 Boko Haram Dislodged from Camps at YAJIWA

news flash::2016-06-09 Boko Haram terrorists camps destroyed in Bama

news flash::2016-06-04 Troops Kill an "Ameer" Smoke Terrorist at Out of Chukungudu

news flash::2016-06-04 Troops Clear Boko Haram Terrorists out of Chukungudu

news flash::2016-06-02 Troops Kill 3 Boko Haram Terrorists and Arrest one in an Ambush

news flash::2016-06-02 Troops Ambush Armed Bandits in Kubau

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