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It is reported that all the 36 State Governors of the Federation have unanimously endorsed the creation of State Police by law. I am not surprised. The Nigerian Politicians may always show a semblance of fight to divide the poor and the gullible on trivialities bordering on religion, section or tribe to further their grip on power, but will always act in unison when it comes to manipulating money and power for their personal and selfish advantage. That is where you see "unity" in its excellence being displayed. ...

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Ahmad Haruna, a shining example to Northern youth


I first met Ahmad in 2014, when he was serving as a corp member in Lagos. We were neighbours (and still are), and since my younger brother Usman, who was also serving in the same batch with Ahmad, stayed with me, Ahmad naturally became his friend, and thus, my younger brother. ...

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Chief Olusegun Obasanjo's words in the year 1999 are still fresh in my mind. I remember that morning when I was listening my daily FRCN national news before proceeding for the day's work. OJB was just inaugurated as our newly elected President then. He promised Nigerians that before his tenure ends, he would provide the country with uninterrupted power supply wherever electricity was accessible. "And if outage is necessary, it should not last for more than an hour", he promised us....

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Why I stand with Buhari


Of course, there had been gruesome carnage on the Mambilla plateau mid last year, and bloodletting in Numan, Adamawa State, as well as in other places. Hell suddenly seemed to have enlarged itself against Nigeria. Sincere condolences to those who are grieving and mourning the loss of loved ones. ...

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No doubt, the last one year was, yet another year of moderate achievement for the PMB administration, despite the hiccups and deliberate sabotage from the very institutions responsible for delivering good governance to the people. Some of these achievements include (but not limited to) the following: ...

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President Buhari’s Silent Support For The South-East


President Muhammadu Buhari’s two-day visit to the South-Eastern states of Ebonyi and Anambra is taking place at the most opportune juncture, to show support to a governor who has done so much in promoting the President’s policy on food self-sufficiency and to to endorse his party’s candidate in a crucial vote to install a new governor through an election at the weekend in Anambra. ...

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I am daily bombarded with audio clips and some prose on why PMB administration is a failure or why he should not be elected again. Most of these criticisms come from politicians. I always listen to them or read them because there is always something to get educated from someone. Some of these criticisms are germane while some are not. ...

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TETFund Performance Chart Indicated Colleges ahead of Universities for the Period of over 5 Years’


The five years’ performance chart released by TETfund illustrated that the colleges of education in Nigeria perform better than the universities in accessing their annual allocations domiciled at the TETfund....

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Key Takeaways From President Muhammadu Buhari’s Four-Day Engagement In Turkey


This was President Buhari’s first visit to Turkey since his election in 2015, but the second meeting with President Erdogan who as Prime Minister visited Abuja in March, 2016. ...

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Deliberate twisting of President Buhari's interface with world Bank president over NE intervention


The ignorant and mischievous people, who twist everything for their vile purposes, are making it seem that it was a calculated attempt to give the North an unfair advantage over other parts of Nigeria. ...

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For avoidance of doubt, I don't know either Kachikwu or Baru from Adam. To me, they are both public officials that I accepted as morally qualitative by their ability to gain the confidence of President Buhari to be entrusted with the management of Nigeria's cash cow - the NNPC. That was my opinion until Minister Kachikwu's letter hit the Internet; supposedly 'leaked'. ...

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Punch Newspaper made a deliberate attempt to interview Dr Junaid Muhammad to comment on President Muhammadu Buhari's 57th anniversary of Nigeria's independence speech. And they sure, did. It is understandable why they decided to pick on him. He is a known critic (did I say critic?) No. A known hater of the President. ...

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Extreme Poor State of Secondary School Education in Gombe State


Secondary education is the pre-requisite for a candidate to proceed to the higher institution of learning. For a candidate to be admitted to any university, the candidate must possess at least 5 credits including mathematics and English language...

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AB Bature, Sokoto boy who made history in NDA


2nd Lieutenant Ahmed Buhari Bature, 22 from Sokoto State bags all the awards in his passing out parade from the Nigeria Defence Academy Kaduna. ...

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What is the quality of the Ph.D’s from Malaysia?


Many Nigerian scholars from the academia rush to Malaysia for their Ph.D. The question is, what is the quality of the Ph.D’s from Malaysia? Let me start with university of Malaya. ...

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A President’s 32” TV


President Muhammed Buhari has been known to be a disciplined retired military General who lived a simple and austere life devoid of ostentation. He is not known to have the common vices associated with politics and politicians. He does not smoke or drink alcohol. ...

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AUNG SAN SUU KYI and the fate of Rohingya minority Muslims: AN OPEN LETTER.


As a Post graduate student of peace study and conflict resolution, I have come across and read a lot of your works and that of Mahatma Gandhi in the areas of nonviolent struggle and human rights advocacy as a panacea for conflict resolution....

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AUNG SAN SUU KYI and the fate of Rohingya minority Muslims: AN OPEN LETTER.


As a Post graduate student of peace study and conflict resolution, I have come across and read a lot of your works and that of Mahatma Gandhi in the areas of nonviolent struggle and human rights advocacy as a panacea for conflict resolution....

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Wednesday, August 30th approval by the Federal Executive Council, FEC for the award of the contract for the engineering, procurement and construction of the 3050 MW Mambila Hydro Electric Power Project reflects President Muhammadu Buhari’s strong commitment to the development of infrastructure in the country. ...

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Reject Secession, Biafara and Re-Structuring, Agitate for 20 Years’ Nigeria’s Blue Print


The media is awash with different forms of agitation from different sections of the country and different groups. The agitation gained prominence when the president was away for medication in England. Nnamdi Kanu with his group are agitating for the severing state of Biafara, coalition of arewa youth group counter the agitation by ordering Igbos in the North to leave by October 1, 2017...

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News Flash: B/Haram Insurgency

news flash::2016-06-25 Troops & CJTF cleared Zangebe, Maiwa, Algaiti and Mainari villages killing 6 Boko Haram terrorists, wounded several, & liberated over 5,000 persons

news flash::2016-06-23 Troops cleared Terrorists suspected hideouts in Kursori, Bashirari, Malatari, Goneri, Kajimari, Lawan Kolori and Yale villages within Konduga LGA

news flash::2016-06-22 69 family members of Boko Haram terrorists escaping from Sambisa intercepted

news flash::2016-06-22 Troops Clear Boko Haram Terrorists Hideouts at Matari & Kaidiri killing 2

news flash::2016-06-16 Troops Carry Out Clearing Operations in Kircha Dungus, Mulfuta, Baibawa, Jenere, Bembem, Maksamari, Bula Kafie and Bula Bodi. Killed 6 Terrorist rescued many women

news flash::2016-06-14 Troops Rescue 53 More Persons Kill 2 Terrorists and Arrest One in Madube

news flash::2016-06-13 Boko Haram terrorists on 6 motorcycles attacked Kutuva village, killed 4 persons and abducted 4 women

news flash::2016-06-13 Troops repelled an attack on their location by suspected Boko Haram terrorists at Pulka

news flash::2016-06-10 Troops Clear Boko Haram Camps at Yajiwa

news flash::2016-06-10 Boko Haram terrorists elements earlier dislodged at Chukungudu and Hausari villages

news flash::2016-06-10 Boko Haram Dislodged from Camps at YAJIWA

news flash::2016-06-09 Boko Haram terrorists camps destroyed in Bama

news flash::2016-06-04 Troops Kill an "Ameer" Smoke Terrorist at Out of Chukungudu

news flash::2016-06-04 Troops Clear Boko Haram Terrorists out of Chukungudu

news flash::2016-06-02 Troops Kill 3 Boko Haram Terrorists and Arrest one in an Ambush

news flash::2016-06-02 Troops Ambush Armed Bandits in Kubau

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